Creating new prospects – Internships and dissertation opportunities at Thomas

As your module selections, internships, and final dissertation topic are worth choosing carefully, it makes sense to start planning your career while you’re still at university. But what’s the best route to take?

We can give you an insight into our varied fields of activity and our overall workflow in the areas of mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and IT. You can find out what it’s like to work at Thomas and gain the opportunity to undertake projects independently. And while you’re doing this, the focus of our work together won’t just be on professional expertise but also on social skills, teamwork, and your ability to communicate.

The introductory internship scheme (“Grundpraktikum”) at Thomas is for those just embarking on their university studies. Within it, you’ll learn about basic techniques in the areas of turning, milling, and grinding as well as different material properties.

On a specialist student internship (“Studentisches Fachpraktikum”), you get to combine theory and practice in a concrete set of tasks, enabling you to become part of our team and write your final Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation with us. At Thomas we keep up to date with the latest technical developments and are happy to share our knowledge. We also understand how important intensive expert support is for a successful student internship. This is why, throughout your internship, you’ll be assisted by a tutor who’s ready to share advice and help. After completing your dissertation there may well be an option to take up a permanent position at Thomas.