Environmental and Energy Policy

Manufacturing and acting sustainably

As an environmentally minded company, we place great value on using resources sparingly and protecting our environment. We therefore embrace an environmental and energy management system that underpins our eco-policy.

Environmental policy in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2009 and Energy policy in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001
Based on customer requirements in the various product areas, our products are as small and lightweight and as efficient and streamlined as possible. We are already meeting these challenges with the minimum use of material, thus preserving natural resources. As our customers know from experience, we set ourselves ambitious targets when it comes to protecting the Environment and energy efficiency so that future generations will also be able to enjoy the world in all its diversity just like we can today.

We undertake to improve continuously the energy related performance as well as the environmental performance: This includes as well, besides supplying required information and resources to achieve our goals, to support the procurement of energy-efficient and environment-friendly products and services.

To be more than just first-class in the area of product development and manufacturing, we want to embrace even more fully the principle of proactive environmental protection by taking a truly comprehensive view of our impact on the environment, from our initial design drafts right through to product disposal.

And we are keen to involve our suppliers and customers in this process too. With their awareness and their target-oriented approach, each and every one of our employees helps to shape and continuously improve products, processes, and our surroundings so as to keep our world worth living in. Compliance with the law and the ongoing improvement of our performance are key tenets of our philosophy.

Our world is green.