Guiding Principles

Honesty, Courage and Support

Our family run company is based on christian values cherished by the Thomas family: Honesty, courage and support. Those values are fundamental both for our actions and communication with our employees, customers and service partners as well as they are crucial for our business decisions. Our guiding principles are derived from those values.

Our Vision

  1. We are the preferred, most trusted development supplier of innovative electrical actuators offering maximum long-term customer benefit.
  2. We provide an attractive working environment for employees and managers.
  3. We continuously improve the quality of our products and processes and optimise our costs and response times on an ongoing basis.

In making our vision a reality, we secure outstanding levels of customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, and sustainable, profitable growth.

Our Mission

  1. We are a development partner and system supplier of innovative, customised electric actuator solutions for fluid and mechatronic applications based on efficient standards.
  2. We are the innovation leader with the best benefit/price ratio and a well-founded understanding of customer systems in selected segments of the Off Highway and Mobility markets.
  3. We are committed to continuous large-scale investment in the development of the latest technologies and processes.
  4. We operate in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner to preserve the whole of creation.
  5. We work in partnership with globally competitive suppliers and service providers.

Our values and standards

  1. We are an international family business that is managed on the basis of Christian ethics and the key values of “Honesty – Courage – Support”.
  2. We foster a culture of trust characterised by mutual appreciation and goodwill that attracts talented and capable people with strong personalities and provides a basis for enjoyable working relations.
  3. We are committed to a customer- and solution-oriented approach, independent decision-making, and open and proactive communication in order to attract and inspire customers in the long term.
  4. We deliver exceptional performance in terms of quality, costs, and response times, based on competence, dedication and life-long learning. This feeds into our product and process innovations and their ongoing improvement.
  5. We believe in leading by example and through service and value conceptual, professional and social skills as well as trust and appreciation. We both challenge and encourage our team members, giving them one-to-one coaching and support and providing honest feedback.