Family Business Code

Achieving Goals together

Our Self-Concept

  1. We are committed to upholding the family-based ownership of the company and to retaining family ownership of all interests in the company for the long term.
  2. We aim to contribute to a long-term corporate strategy and practice prudent and responsible ownership.
  3. We have decided to put the company first, placing the good of the company above business objectives and the interests of the family.
  4. We aim to apply our shared Christian convictions, honour God in our thoughts and actions, and serve people through our business activities.
  5. On this basis, we affirm our key values of “Honesty – Courage – Support”. The corporate culture imbued with these values will benefit the company, its employees and its business partners in the long term.

Our Responsibility

  1. We ensure the company retains sufficient equity over the long term to finance the company’s objectives.
  2. To govern the company, we have a powerful advisory board to advise and monitor the actions of the executive board.
  3. We support Christian welfare institutions that are close to us and we sponsor selected training schemes.

Our Expectations

  1. The vision and mission formulated in our guiding principles as well as our values and standards are practised by the company.
  2. The company cultivates a culture of trust that facilitates open cooperation between the employees, the executive board, and the owners based on mutual appreciation.
  3. The company pursues profitable long-term growth.
  4. Innovation and market leadership will be consolidated to meet customer requirements and secure a competitive advantage.
  5. The company will seek to expand existing product groups and business areas and diversify within specific new business areas on the basis of its core competences.
  6. The company aims to be a stable and attractive employer offering appropriate remuneration.