History of the Company

Combining tradition and vision

Our family-run company dates back to 1962, when Thomas was formed out of Robert Thomas Metall- und Elektrowerke in Neunkirchen. This company originally made electromagnets for hydraulic valves in industrial and agricultural machinery as well as for elevators and church organs.
The early nineties brought increasing demand for electromagnetically controlled valves that could be used for applications in the markets for Off Highway and Mobility. We spotted this trend early on and decided to specialize in the field. Twenty years later, this consistent focus on a know-how intensive market is the main foundation of our success.



  • Thomas Magnete founded by Hermann Thomas
  • Development of first proportional solenoid for hydraulic applications
  • Thomas becomes an independant German limited company (GmbH)


  • Dietrich Thomas joins the Management Board
  • Series production of first system application (dosage pump for auxiliary vehicle heating systems)


  • Thomas Magnete introduces one-piece-flow assembly lines
  • Proportional pressure-reducing valve enters series production
  • The company establishes its first international distribution subsidiaries in the U.S.


  • Markus Krauss joins the Management Board
  • Series production of proportional solenoids for camshaft phasing (first fully automated assembly line at Thomas)
  • Series production of proportional solenoids and valves for double-clutch transmission
  • Series production of dosage pumps for diesel particulate filter regeneration

2010–present day

  • Series production of first mechatronic control system for the Off Highway market
  • Valves for variable flow oil pump (VFP)
  • New production and logistics facility covering 7,000 m2
  • Thomas sets up distribution sites in Italy and China
  • Development of enteral feeding pump