Total peace of mind

All product developments at Thomas are put through a comprehensive analytical and testing program before they go into production. An area of around 1000 m² is devoted to an analytical lab, a measurement lab, and an experimental lab for this very purpose. With their state-of-the-art equipment, they offer all the required testing procedures to ensure maximum product quality and fitness for purpose in each case. Our products are tested here for such things as hysteresis, long-term durability, and precision.

Our Labs at a glance:


Analytical lab

In our analytical laboratory we conduct residual contamination and material analyses as well as metallographic testing of particles and components using a wide range of techniques and equipment. These include: digital microscopy, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, particle extraction, particle counting, particle determination, creation of micro-sections, and ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Residual contamination
    Checking the cleanliness of components as per VDA Volume 19 and ISO 16232
  • Material analysis
    Determining the chemical make-up and fractography of fracture surfaces
  • Component analysis
    Investigating material weaknesses, structures, cracks, and cavities using computer tomography
  • Metallographic testing
    Cold mounting, grinding, polishing and corrosion of samples, assessment of fracture surfaces
  • Material analysis
    Hardness testing, tensile and compressive tests, density and residual moisture determination

Measurement lab

In the measurement lab, components are tested for their geometric characteristics in both a tactile and optical sense in accordance with the prescribed drawing specifications. In addition, the components can also be measured with the help of computer tomography models.

The following measurements are determined:

  • internal dimensions
  • external dimensions
  • gradations or steps
  • distances or intervals
  • chamfers, radii, angles
  • geometrical, positional, and run-out tolerances
  • surfaces
  • contours

Testing lab

Development test stands and environmental simulations are used to test the function and robustness of prototype and serial parts. Our extensive range of testing facilities also includes an acoustics lab and electronics lab.

Acoustic lab

  • Recording and analysis of air and mechanical vibration in our own low-reflection sound measuring booth e

Elektronics lab

  • Electronics development with prototype construction of sample circuit boards and the relevant testing facilities
  • Functional tests
  • Functional tests on application-related hydraulics, air and electric motor test benches with variable control parameters

Environmental simulation
Investigating interactions between products and environmental impacts by means of:

  • Continuous operation (soiling)
  • Climatic testing
  • Condensation tests
  • Corrosion tests
  • Material durability tests
  • Salt spray fog tests
  • Immersion baths
  • Temperature shock tests
  • Vibration tests
  • Thermal load

Test bench design
Designing, manufacturing, and programming of development and continuous operation test benches in line with individual requirements:

  • Planning and building the suitable test bench
  • Measuring and testing software
  • MSA