Product and Process Development

Ensuring quality and safety through transparency

Product and process development involves assessing each development stage with respect to quality criteria, cost, and completion deadlines, and monitoring each of the defined project milestones. By carefully recording all our spending on development processes, we ensure that overall research and development costs are transparent. In turn, this allows us to evaluate future projects more effectively. As well as actual product specifications, we define our requirements in terms of personnel, infrastructure, the working environment, cleanliness, instructions for use, packaging, installation, maintenance, identification, traceability, and preservation.

Every development step and every subsequent modification is recorded in a product data management system that identifies the author, the reviewer, and the person who gives final approval. In this way, every single version of the development plans is documented and archived.
All our products are checked at the end of the manufacturing process. We also conduct additional series production tests and carry out requalification measures at regular intervals.