Systematic Development

Achieving the highest quality – phase by phase

Development projects pass through specific phases that generally run along the same lines. In the automotive sector, the development milestones are equivalent to the following phases defined by Thomas:

  • Start phase:
    Gathering relevant information from customers, the market, competitors, and users.
  • Conceptual phase:
    Developing solutions with a view to defining a serial solution in conjunction with customers.
  • A-sample phase:
    Developing prototypes using prototyped parts to verify the principal functions of the product. This is generally done in collaboration with customers and if possible with potential users.

As far as possible we perform the mechanical processing of sample parts, the winding and injection molding, the production of plastic components, and testing of the individual sample components and the product in-house. This allows us to produce and optimize these parts as quickly as possible.

  • B-sample phase:
    Developing prototypes that are approaching serial production readiness in respect of their geometry, surfaces, and material.
  • C-sample phase:
    The individual components and assemblies are produced and/or built using series production tools and assembly processes, enabling verification and validation.
  • D-sample phase:
    Final products manufactured and built using series production tools and jigs with a view to obtaining customer approval for serial production..
  • Serial phase:
    Adaptations, refinements, improvements and preventive measures, risk management, and supplier changes are defined in corresponding processes.