Development Philosophy

Shaping the future with a pioneering spirit

We invest about ten percent of our revenue every year in research and development, i.e., in the latest technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and ongoing professional development of our staff. We view close collaboration with various institutions such as universities and independent research institutes as a synergetic source for the development of our products.

It is our task to go beyond the agreed specifications, and we supply exactly the competencies to do so. This is achieved only by understanding not just components and applications, but the whole system. Such a kind of system-level-understanding is essential for understanding innovations where, for instance, functions are clustered together. A vehicle can only be as smart as its component parts. Essentially, they have to be as compact as possible while also integrating as many functions as possible in a single system For Thomas’s products, this means that they are fitted with sensor systems (sense) and use integrated forecasting, controlling, and diagnostic functions to detect deviations at an early stage, make decisions and, if applicable, report them (think). The solution that Thomas is proposing can be encapsulated in the term “smart actuation”: We develop solution ideas for innovative vehicles and mobility concepts that are fitted with an unprecedented proportion of new sensor systems, software, and electronics these days.

The combination of ongoing professional development, expansion and optimization of our development tools enables us to offer our customers the maximum possible value. To be able to do so, the consistent use of suitable QA tools and software for design, simulation, as well as for risk management ensures a stable foundation. Our goal is to develop more smart actuation with components from Thomas.