Thomas as a Development Partner

Embracing customer systems

We develop and produce forward-looking products that are unique in terms of their function, construction, interfaces, and installation space. Our first priority, furthermore, is to ensure that our products are robust and long-lasting. To make that possible, when planning each job we go beyond simply fulfilling our customers’ specifications or product brief. In fact, we also make sure we have detailed knowledge of our customers’ application areas, of the market, and of the user, as well as a familiarity with previous solutions used with existing products and systems. For us it is important to understand the customer’s overall system in order to develop a product that will be of the maximum benefit to that customer. We support our customers from the idea stage through to serial production.

What is more, we are constantly expanding our knowledge by means of product analyses, innovative pre-commercial developments, and collaboration with universities and trade associations. We involve tried-and-tested vendors and development service providers for the purpose of building long-term partnerships. By doing this, we are not simply offering our customers the most advanced technology possible – but also going one step further. As a result, we are in a position to provide innovative solutions that are both reliable and robust.