Embracing Innovation

Always one step ahead

A highly qualified workforce and the most stringent quality standards are essential when you are in the business of providing solutions to increasingly complex technical challenges. We live in a fast-moving age, so here at Thomas – to make sure that the solutions we deliver are sustainable and continue to add value beyond a single product cycle – we focus above all on strategies that span the entire value chain and take account, as far as possible, of potential new developments. The question we ask ourselves, every day and in every area of our business, is as simple as it is crucial: What is happening at the moment in our markets, and what does that mean for us and for our customers?


Having said that, we don’t just keep an eye on the markets; we want to help shape them by contributing our own fresh ideas and developments. We are proactive. When you are dealing with new products, technologies and processes, you also have to be patient and persevere. Our approach means that we remain competitive as a company – and so do our customers.

Our success also depends on training up the next generation of skilled workers both within and outside the company. One way in which we do this is by supporting the not-for-profit organization Speeding Scientists Siegen, which is made up chiefly of students from the German city of Siegen, who design racing cars in line with Formula Student and Formula SAE rules.