Sascha Koschinski


Sascha Koschinski initiates processes. As the head of “Quality, Lean & Business Process Management” he knows that if every individual accepts responsibility and provides the right kind of impetus the process will run smoothly through to completion.

Sascha Koschinski, 45 years old; I come from Bruchertseifen at the edge of the Westerwald region and have been at Thomas for just under a year.
Thomas specialist for:cross-disciplinary quality, lean and process management
Most important work tool:my appointment calendar
If I had to describe Thomas in one word:valuable
The perfect working day starts with:doing the rounds of the office to say hello. I like to shake hands with my colleagues and we joke and chat briefly so that the day gets off to a start with everyone in a good mood.
My three best features:down-to-earth, even-tempered, humorous
In my free time:I am on the committee of a small football club in my home town, I look after my family and I like to go hiking
I like working at Thomas because:I am able to stategically expand and further develop the “quality” sphere within the company. Working in and with the various technical departments is also very appealing.