Oil control valves

Valves play a pivotal role in the oil circuit. They are responsible for the high-precision management of large and small volume flows in the context of engine lubrication, piston cooling, and variable oil pump control. Thomas valves lead the international field when it comes to precision oil supply in vehicles – thanks to the development
of a proportional valve with a plastic valve sleeve and the smart integration of diagnostic sensor technology.

Building on a proven modular design, Thomas offers customized solutions centered around highly integrated valves and systems, e.g., with regard to the hydraulic functions of a 2/2-way valve through to a 4/3-way valve with integrated fail-safe control.


Product information


High-precision control of flow rates and pressure

Plastic valve sleeve cost effective design


Supply Voltage
12 V


Flow rate
Up to 10 l/min

Pressure range
Up to 10 bar


Variable displacement pump
Piston cooling
Various other applications

2-2 way valve, 3-2 way valve, 4-3 way valve
Proportional and On/Off

Valve part made of plastic (low production costs)
Diagnostic capability through sensors/electronics
Integrated fail safe function