Elec­tro­hy­draulic Ac­tu­a­tor 2.0 PPCD05 NG

The EHA is a highly integrated system developed by Thomas to meet the demanding requirements of communal vehicles, concrete pumps, cranes and tractors. It comprises two proportional pressure reducing valves, installed in a housing together with an electronic control unit and a redundant Hall sensor system. The sensor system allows to precisely adjust and monitor the position of the main spool in the customer's system. A convenient error diagnostics function and a fast software adaptation make the EHA a reliable, flexible and safe control unit. The product can be used up to a Performance Level PL=c according to DIN EN ISO 13849.


Product information


Interface for implementation of all available standard valves  

Functional safety up to a performance level PL=c according to DIN EN ISO 13849


Max volume flow @ 6 bar dp
10 l/min depending on the PPCD05 NG PPRV

Supply Voltage
12 V / 24 V

Supported communication software
CANopen or proprietary bus

Leakage (internal)
< 0,03 l/min (de-energized)
< 0,25 l/min (energized)