Motor pump unit chassis

The highly dynamic motor/pump units from Thomas feature fully integrated power electronics and communicate with the vehicle control units via LIN or CAN. As hydraulic actuators in chassis applications, they ensure a noticeable reduction in the lifting, rolling, and pitching motions of the vehicle. In leveling and lift systems, the vehicle height can also be varied as needed.

Equipped with additional valve technology and a reservoir, they are a powerful and smart „all-in-one solution“ for modern chassis – highly dynamic, quiet, and reliable even when exposed to significant pressure differences.


Product information


High dynamics through efficient motor technology

Smart solution through integrated motor control



Supply Voltage
12 V / 48 V

Power range
0,3 – 3,5 kW

Maximum pressure
90 bar

  • Dynamic reversing mode
  • 4-quadrant operation possible
  • Design optimized for installation space
  • High pressure resistance
  • Modular solution possible in combination with reservoir and valve