Off Highway Solutions

Where individuality comes as standard

OEMs and 1st tier suppliers around the world source valves and control systems for their electrohydraulic pilot control from the Customer Unit Off Highway Solutions. We supply pilot valves of various sizes, manifolds and mechatronic systems to control valves, pumps, clutches and other customer systems precisely. In the future, we want to continue to excite our customers with specified variants and excellent support.

Our highly motivated international team has committed itself to convince customers through competence, presence and flexibility. Trust and reliability are our top priorities in order to work together with our customers, suppliers and partners. We work on every customer project with the greatest diligence, as well as the highest quality standards. We are specialists in developing solutions for special tasks that are precisely tailored to the customer's needs. For us, individuality is the standard.

Fields of application

Höchste Performance und Lebensdauer bei widrigsten Einsätzen.

Construction Machinery

Best performance and service life in the most adverse environmental conditions.

Agricultural Machinery

Our compact valves control with maximum precision and reliability.

Forestry Machinery

Full functionality under a host of different conditions in harvesters and timber forwarders.

Special Vehicles

For municipal, rescue or fire-fighting vehicles, snow groomers, and mining vehicles.

Material Handling

Safety, accuracy and guaranteed reliability at material handling.