Electromechanical Actuator

With the Thomas EMA, customers from the Off Highway branch can pre-control their main stages electromechanically instead of electrohydraulically, which has been the norm up to now.

The latest intelligent pilot control unit guarantees excellent pilot control of the main spool in the customer's system thanks to a high degree of precision and speed. The elimination of an additional low-pressure supply circuit, contributes not only a simplified installation process, but also ensures that the system is robust against external influences such as pressure and temperature fluctuations, viscosity, or contamination.


Product information


High precision, speed and control quality

Configurable functionality


Destination Application
Suitable for small and medium-sized main stages with flows of up to 200 l/min

Supply Voltage
12 V / ( 24 V )

Supported communication software
SAE J1939, CANopen or proprietary bus

80 mm/s