Demand-based, freeze-resistant, and highly accurate – our metering pump systems for exhaust aftertreatment with AdBlue®, also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), meet the most exacting standards for use in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-highway applications. The highly functional SCR systems are now used as standard in diesel vehicles and, benefiting from the principle of a magnetically driven reciprocating piston established at Thomas, offer consistently high levels of metering quality in all areas of application over the entire service life.

In addition to ensuring high-precision metering of the aqueous urea solution, the self-priming systems include a shut-off function in a compact unit and can thus also be reliably used in safety-critical applications. A unique feature of Thomas pump systems is their freeze resistance, which makes the need for draining a thing of the past – a significant advantage in terms of usage.


  • Simple controllability due to linear conveying behavior
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Robust against environmental influences over entire service life
  • Low number of interfaces
  • Excellent suction behavior
  • Good dry running properties
  • Integrated heating function by solenoid coil


Highly integrated functionality: Self-priming, conveying, dosing and safe shut-off in one compact unitFreeze-resistant – without impairments, even in the filled system



Supply Voltage

12 V / 24 V



Stroke volume

32 – 80 mm³

Flow rate

Up to 12 l/h


< 1%

Pressure range

Up to 12 bar

Temperature range 

-40 – 85°C

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