Operating with high precision, Thomas fuel metering pump systems provide a number of unique benefits thanks to their versatile use in passenger and commercial vehicles. Whether gasoline and diesel or alternative fuels such as e-fuels or biofuels, Thomas pump systems deliver and control substances with supreme reliability and in line with demand. They combine several functions in a dedicated system and, thanks to the principle of a magnetically driven reciprocating piston established at Thomas, guarantee consistently high levels of metering quality over the entire service life.

In addition to precise metering, the self-priming systems include a shut-off function that prevents unwanted fuel flow, thus making them suitable for use in safety-critical applications.


  • Simple controllability
  • High metering accuracy and precision
  • Robust against environmental influences
  • Low power consumption
  • Low number of interfaces


Highly integrated functionality: Self-priming, conveying, dosing and safe shut-off in one compact unitRobust and reliable over lifetime whether for passenger car or commercial vehicle applications


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